Cobh Pirates join the Relivvit Platform

Cobh Pirates R.F.C have become the latest club to sign-up to use the Relivvit Club Platform.

By using the platform, the club will now be able to grant all club members from players, coaching staff and board members, access to their game footage.

All users will be able to create clips while watching which can be downloaded and shared. 

Paul Geasley of Relivvit

I am delighted to have Cobh Pirates using the Relivvit platform.

We are very much an early stage company, so to see local clubs like Cobh Pirates showing an interest in using the platform is highly encouraging.

Amateur sports clubs are now highly aware of the benefits of recording and analysing their games. Cobh Pirates have made a big effort in this respect and are already using the platform to great affect.

It’s with the support of local clubs that will see Relivvit grow and I can’t thank them enough for giving us that support.

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