What is Relivvit?

Relivvit is a video platform for sports clubs. It allows clubs to upload footage from their games and once uploaded, approved club members can log into their Relivvit account, watch the footage and create downloadable clips of any parts of the game.

How do I join?

For both club sign-ups and member sign-ups you can go to : https://relivvit.com/join-relivvit/

How much does Relivvit cost?

It costs €499.99 +Vat for sports clubs to get a 1 year subscription to use Relivvit. This cost automatically renews every year on the joining date. There is no cost for club members to join Relivvit.

How do I pay for my club to join Relivvit?

When you join as a club, the last step of sign-up is payment. Our payments are processed by STRIPE and are 100% secure. We do not see your credit card details.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to Relivvit?

The maximum file size that can be uploaded in one go is 500mb. To compress your files we recommend using the free program handbrake.fr