Live Streaming


Relivvit covers Live Streaming of sports in Cork City, County and all over Ireland.

Having Live Streamed games for the likes of Cobh Ramblers F.C, Sunday’s Well R.F.C, Munster Tennis and Newcestown GAA we have a huge amount of experience.

All equipment such as WiFi, Power and 4G broadband is provided by us and we can stream successfully once we have a strong 4G signal.

We can stream to your clubs Facebook or Youtube page or if needed we make our our YouTube Page .

Streams can be kept private and shared with certain club members and all videos can be removed afterwards if desired.

Clubs sponsor adverts can be shown in static image or video format before a game or at half time.

When booking Relivvit for a Live Stream we will look at the following:

  • Where is your game being played?
  • Is there 4G broadband signal there?
  • Will you be splitting the cost with the other team?
  • Do you want club sponsors advertised?
  • Do you want the game recorded also?

For 2021 if a club books 3 or more games with Relivvit to live stream we will create a club account on the Relivvit platform. This allows the club the following:

  • A private dedicated club page where all games are uploaded
  • A club admin can approve all club members who want to watch the footage
  • While watching club members can create 14 second clips which can be downloaded to your device

For more information on the Relivvit Video Platform click here

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