Relivvit Live Streaming Camera at Irish Independent Park, Cork.
Relivvit Live Streaming cameras at Irish Independent Park, Cork.

Relivvit is delighted to announce we have launched a live streaming service which will offer sports clubs in Cork and beyond the opportunity to live stream their games to their supporters.

Since we began live streaming we have successfully streamed for the likes of Munster Tennis, Cobh Ramblers F.C, Sunday’s Well R.F.C, Cobh GAA, Newcestown GAA and others.

What does our live streaming service offer you?

  • The option to stream to your clubs Facebook, Youtube or Twitter page or all simultaneously
  • The option to use the Relivvit YouTube Channel
  • Fee sharing between clubs
  • Sponsor adverts displayed before the game and during breaks in image or video format
  • Option to record the game as well as stream and files to be sent to club officials within 24 hours of the game being played.
Relivvit Camera Live Streaming Munster Tennis Winter League Finals
Relivvit Camera Live Streaming Munster Tennis Winter League Finals

What is needed to successfully live stream a sports event?

  • First and foremost it is essential to have 4G mobile broadband coverage. A minimum of 7mbps is needed to provide a decent quality live stream.
  • A vantage point above pitch level to shoot from
  • Preferably a sheltered around to set up in but this is not essential

How much does it cost to live stream a sports event?

Considering the variable factors in place when looking to live stream sports events it is difficult to put a one-off price on an event. Some sports events are completed within two hours – others run for the entire day. And as we are based in Cork, if we need to travel some distance this is also taken into consideration. To get a quote for live streaming a sports event please visit our Contact Page. Or alternatively email: pgeasley @

For examples of our streams please check out out social media channels:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube